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Housing Program Management

Tools & Workflows

Discharge Planning

Collaborate with residents to create discharge plans. Information is updated automatically through the portal to measure plan effectiveness.

Alumni Portal

Upon discharge, a resident profile transtions to an alumnus profile. This enables your facility to stay engaged with your alumni and track outcome data.

Recovery Resources

Resident recovery depends on a strong support network. Maintain a database of local employers, religious organizations, and support groups in our CRM.

Recovery Navigation

Guide resident recovery by connecting residents with local recovery resources. A roadmap to recovery is the first step to a successful outcome.

Outcome Tracking

Our platform automatically compiles outcome data using cutting edge research measures. We provide benchmark data so you can compare your quality and improve treatment. *Coming Soon

Relapse Intervention

Residents can follow their discharge plan through the portal. Portal activity data helps us to predict relapse and alert your care team for intervention. *Coming Soon


If a readmission is required, a new episode of care can quickly be created. Previous information from prior episodes of care can also be viewed.

Client Relationship Management

& Enterprise Resource Planning

The Sober Living App software platform includes all of the core features you would expect from a business management system. We built a CRM and ERP system directly into our platform, giving you everything you need all in one place.